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Short introduction to abstract art

April 15 2017 , Written by Hedy Glassman

I was always interested in abstract art. Part because I like it and another part because people argue always about it. Some say it's not art, some love it. Who gets to decide what is art and what is not? Aren't we allowed to judge for ourselves?

Abstract art had a dark difficult time a while ago. But it evolved slowly to a comfortable level. And it's still evolving, this makes me happy.

We love art that make us feel something. So why some people have a hard time understanding the fact are enjoyed by something like abstract art, something that does not make any logical sense? It's maybe fear? They feel fear from unknown? I imagine this could be one of humans instincts.

Ok that's it for now, I'm heading over to prbuzz to read some news related to games or something.

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